Core Compliance Policy

We shall proactively work to uphold our compliance based on the following core policies.

  1. Recognize our public mission and social responsibility and strive to gain and protect the trust given by society through sound business management in accordance with the principles of self-responsibility.
  2. Strictly obey laws and various rules and conduct proper business activities in compliance with social norms as well as business ethics.
  3. Provide high-quality products and services that answer the needs of our customers through fair competition and efficient management, and contribute to the development of the society and the economy.
  4. Aim to have a wider scope of communication with society while making efforts to proactively and fairly disclose management information.
  5. Stand with a strong resolution against any forces and organizations acting against society that threatens the order and safety of the civil society.

Actual initiatives of the compliance management

  1. A compliance program has been established and implemented as a compliance implementation plan.
  2. A compliance manual has been created to serve as an actual manual for our compliance.
  3. Training is given in order to improve compliance awareness among executives and employees.
  4. Established an environment where direct reporting and/or consultation is possible in an event that an executive or an employee have been found committing acts that may conflict with the compliance.