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CEO message

Make out the flow of time and continue management learning from history.


I have been carrying out management with this feeling.


Business changes according to the flow of time, but we can learn things like economic and unchanged human behavior from history, and there is definitely a business direction guideline among them.


Our product name IPPO (meaning one step in Japanese) is a word reminiscent of a positive image such as "step by step forward", "step forward". It is also an easy word for people around the world to pronounce. Advance cashlessing in Japan step by step, advance step by step the richness of the world. Furthermore, when writing "Japan" in English, the word "IPPO" is in the center of NIPPON.


It is my desire to expand Japanese technology to the world and spread the bright future to the world.


CEO  Kazuya Sakamoto

Corporate philosophy

Creating the future with innovative technology

Corporate Mission

  1. We will contribute to the development to a comfortable cashless society.
  2. We will contribute to the revitalization of existing small and medium-sized retailers.
  3. We will offer various business opportunities.

Management attitude

  1. We value communication and create a flow of harmonious work.
  2. Build technologies and systems with original ideas, and continue to provide excellent products and services.
  3. Respect individuality, theory, idea, time and aim for a company that is challenging.
  4. We review business performance, trust, and responsibility, and then discover new value and growth.
  5. Based on challenge, innovation and speed, we aim for sustainable development.
  6. Thinking customer satisfaction as a priority, we will promote corporate activities towards a new era.

Behavioral guidelines

  1. We will comply with laws and social norms and conduct fair corporate activities.
  2. We will respect each other's human rights, individuality, values and create a good working environment.
  3. We will seriously enjoy challenging and continue to challenge with creative thinking.
  4. We make use of wisdom and technology for our customers.

Company overview

GOLDEX CO.,LTD. is a company that works on research and development in various genres and contributes to the development of a comfortable cashless society.


We will place challenge, innovation and speed on the basis of corporate activities and aim for sustainable development according to market and customer's needs.


In addition, we will demonstrate partnerships that place importance on maintaining relationships with overseas companies, enhance the convenience of domestic and overseas, and provide services for the future.

Company name



Head Office

5F, Tennoz Ocean Square, 2-2-20, Higashishinagawa,

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan <MAP>

Tel: +81-3-5769-6044

Board of Directors

CEO Kazuya Sakamoto

COO Kenji Ebata

CTO Tsutomu Komatsuzaki

CMO Matsunaga Daisuke

Outside Director Kanji Tashiro, Chief Officer, GOLDEXmobile Business Department

Outside Director Hideaki Machida, General Manager, Planning Business Department


165.545 million yen


April 15, 2011

Number of employees

20 people (as of December 31, 2019)

Business contents

· Solution system development

· FinTech technology development

· Combined payment solution business

· Consulting business

General Counsel  Lawyer

Yoshinori Kobayashi (Lawyer Corporate Governor Hiramatsu Tsuyoshi  Law Firm)

Glow Will International Law Firm

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