Unattended automation solution system IPPO

GOLDEX, Inc. has developed the IPPO system as a solution for companies and local governments to smoothly introduce and promote automation, unmanned and digitized, which needs grows in the changing times.

Possibility of IPPO system

In the times when artificial intelligence, robotics, FinTech etc. are growing rapidly, the importance of keywords such as "automation", "unmanned" and "digitized" of business and service is increasing.


In competition with other companies, the need for people to lower costs and to receive higher quality services more cheaply is increasing.


GOLDEX, Inc. provides an unmanned automated system that responds to such a changing age.


Its range of application is diverse, and we support the realization of businesses and services that are smoother and less costly.

Case study

Hotel unmanned system

Hotel Management Company

Digital payment system

Taxi companies

Digital regional currency

Local government

Recommended for companies and local governments.

  • want to reduce labor costs and introduce a smoother service
  • would like to improve the convenience of living infrastructure corresponding to the aging of the region
  • would like to introduce services that can respond to inbound demand
  • would like to introduce smartphone interlocking service to make effective use of tourism resources
  • would like to respond to the payment of digital regional currency in local public transport
  • want to develop and introduce unmanned stores and unmanned convenience store systems
  • would like to introduce state-of-the-art health management and safety confirmation system for elderly living alone

There is service corresponding to cashless conversion.

Combined payment service ippo

ippo is the servise that is consolidated all know-how in one application with the keywords "digital regional currency" + "application payment" + "tax refund function" + "digital ticketing management function" + "vacation rental support function." In December 2017 GOLDEX, Inc. developed the only complex payment service "ippo" in Japan and deals with peripheral packages centering on "POS".

Service introduction video

Corresponding payment function

Credit Card Payment

E-card Payment

Application Payment

Functions of ippo's payment function can be used for application payment, physical card / IC card payment, and store specific point payment. For store specific point payment, customization is required individually, but we can implement secure point management with our proprietary technology, charge and payment use become possible.

TAX refund support function

Can drastically shorten response time of tax exemption

From the start of creation to completion "only 1 minute"

QR ticket issue / management function

Easy to read tickets and ticketing for QR usage

You can use it by loading customer’s QR on a tablet.

You can acquire your customer’s usage history with data and connect from the behavior analysis to the next service.

Vacation rental support functions

Smooth accommodation procedures are available not only for the efficient operation of private houses but also for foreign guests. 

We will support the provision of more convenient services.

ippo realizes improved convenience

  • Store / company that wants to revitalize region with its own electronic money and point service
  • Store / company that wants to introduce composite payment infrastructure pursuing the convenience of the majority of users
  • Store / company that wishes to encourage sightseeing spots and increase users by utilizing its own ticketing function and privilege
  • Store / company that provides entertainment services such as events
  • Store / company that is considering introducing an unattended settlement system
  • Shops / companies that want to quickly introduce the local settlement used by foreigners visiting Japan and increase sales
  • Store / company that wishes to process duty-free shop operations more simply

ippo usage environment

In order to introduce ippo you need an Android terminal and credit / IC card reader, receipt printer, SIM card if necessary. You can use SIM card when using it in places without Wifi environment such as outdoor. Customers who are considering installation please contact us by e-mail or telephone beforehand.(+81-3-5769-6044)

If you have a wifi environment you can use IPPO. You can use it outdoors by inserting a SIM card.

Inquiries about system introduction