Entrusted development

We will introduce some of our achievements.


  • Review service and establish business based on new service start (Telecommunications industry)
  • Implementation of BPR and selection of ERP package introduction (manufacturing industry)
  • Planning of sales promotion campaign (tire maker)
  • BPR of call center and proposal for systematization (communication industry)

System construction

  • Process management system for line opening (communication industry)
  • Component search system (manufacturing industry)
  • Real Estate Search Site (Real Estate)
  • Work management system (distribution industry)

Web site construction

  • Sales promotion campaign site (tire maker)
  • Homepage & LP Production (Tax Accountant Office)
  • EC site (sports maker)
  • CMS site (beverage maker)

Application / Game

  • Football games (iOS / Android)
  • Fortune-telling application (iOS)
  • Real Estate Search Application (iOS)
  • Collection app (iOS / Android)

Inquiries about contract development